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Career Opportunities In Agricultural Meteorology

04 May 2018       5278

The world’s population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion by 2050, boosting agricultural demand. Although agricultural investments and technological innovations are boosting productivity, growth of yields has slowed to rates that are too low for comfort. Read more...


Career In Telecommunications Industry

16 Apr 2018       1772

The communication revolution is happening before our eyes and has affected most of us. If you're able to read this article on your mobile phone, credit should go to the advances made in telecommunications. Till two decades ago we had been talking about how information technology is shaping the world. Read more...


Career Opportunities In Capital Market

31 Mar 2018       1823

For a common man banks are the most familiar financial institutions which are used to deposit and withdraw money and to avail loans. Banks branches are widely spread and offer their services to both rich and poor. When it comes to careers, these banks, both public and private, have offered employment to thousands of young people. Banking is considered to be a good career option in our country. Read more...


Huge Job And Business Opportunities In Biotechnology Sector

26 Mar 2018       8285

Today, all across the country, bio-technology entrepreneurs are developing the types of game-changing innovations that will transform the way we heal, fuel and feed the world. As more of these groundbreaking innovations come to market, they will not only provide enormous societal benefits, but they will serve as an economic engine for our economy. Read more...


Career In Zoology

10 Mar 2018       8574

Do you love animals and got a passion for wildlife? Are you hooked on to National Geographic and Discovery Channels? Zoology might just be the best career option for you! Zoology, a branch of biology, is the scientific study of animals including protozoa, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. Read more...


How to Face Civil Services Interview

05 Mar 2018       8558

At this time in our national life, it is necessary to cross-examine some of the ideals, which have shaped the very character of the Indian state. Whether there are good or bad, right or wrong, strong or weak, or even desperate or sublime. Read more...


How To Face UPSC Civil Services Interview

14 Feb 2018       1576

On the basis of the results of the Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2017 held by the Union Public Service Commission from 28th October, 2017 to 3rd November, 2017, 2568 candidates against the tentative vacancies of 980 officers have been selected for Personality Test for selection to the IAS, IPS and other allied services. Read more...


Career In Geographic Information Systems

18 Dec 2017       4797

The GIS is a system to capture, store, manage, analyse, manipulate and present all types of geographical or spatial data. In simple words, we can say that GIS enables us to know about a particular location on Earth in great detail. Read more...


Blogging As A Career

06 Nov 2017       10006

Blogging as a career is in a nascent stage in India. However, it is not a new occurrence in today's information age. Most of the content on the Internet trails from blogs or blogs later turned into websites and this number is only snowballing with Internet connectivity getting better with time. Read more...


Clerical Job Opportunities in Public Sector Banks

13 Oct 2017       10702

Banking services in our country are expanding and both public and private sector banks are strengthening their network. However data shows that private banks have more of their branches in metros and other big cities whereas public sector bank (PSB) branches are present in every nook and corner of the country. Read more...


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