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Growing Career Opportunities in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science

28 Nov 2020       4075

As per a recent news report pharmacy jobs have got a boost during the current pandemic. The report on behalf of a job website says that job postings under pharmacy head in February-September 2020 period saw a 56 percent increase. The report further said that between 10000 to 14000 jobs have been added during past six months. There are about 1.5-1.6 million employees in the sector spread across distribution, manufacturing, retailing and logistics. Out of these about 800000-900000 are in the organized sector.


Career Prospects in Yoga Therapy

28 Nov 2020       4588

Yoga is an age-old art or practice of staying fit mentally and physically by means of exercises as well as mind control practices such as controlled breathing, deep meditation etc. Yoga is a way of life, an art of righteous living or an integrated system for the benefit of the body, mind and inner spirit.


Civil Services Mains Exam: Need For a Robust Strategy

20 Oct 2020       1755

On the nature of Civil Services exam , one can safely say that while preliminary exam only entitles one to be considered for writing the main exam, the main exam decides both success and rank in the final count. Since bulk of marks are accounted for by the mains papers, it is bound to be this way.


Define Your Interests To Make Better Career Choices

04 Oct 2020       1895

All young people are concerned about their future and much of their worry is centered on job and career. The most obvious thing about future is that it is uncertain. We've not seen it, we can only think about it. However with proper planning and preparations, we can minimize risks and create a better future for us. This is something every one of us should do.


NRA: Salient features of National Recruitment Agency - Common Eligibility Test (CET)

20 Aug 2020       8354

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday decided to set up a National Recruitment Agency (NRA), a multi-agency body, for conducting a Common Eligibility Test (CET) to screen or shortlist candidates for the Group B and C (non-technical) posts. Read more...


Happy Independence Day 2020

15 Aug 2020       3822

 Appeal to stand for Unity, Integrity and Prosperity of the Nation, Let's celebrate Independence Day with SRPK Activation to Start & Secure your career in Public Sector. Read more...


Career In School Teaching

08 Oct 2019       6814

Teachers have been revered as Guru in Indian culture since the ancient times. It has always been a highly respected profession. Read more...


Civil Services Mains 2019 - Insights On Ethics And Essay Papers

29 Sep 2019       7994

For an exam with such a vast, unfathomable GS syllabus, the mains preparation must be built on a sound strategy. Equal command over all the papers i.e. the optional paper and all the four GS papers is extremely difficult. Read more...


Career In Cyber Security & Cyber Laws

20 Sep 2019       7820

Information Technology (IT) industry not only plays a significant role in the development of Indian Economy but also in creating new dimensions for other sectors as well. Read more...


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) - 2020

03 Sep 2019       3601

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a National Level Exam. It is conducted to offer admission into Master’s & Direct Doctoral Programs in Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture and Doctoral Program in relevant branches of Science. Read more...


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