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Why Choose to Become a SRPK User

SRPK is One and only India's First ever service of its kind,
We are proud to sort and listing Govt. Jobs and also giving you the service to get the Govt Job in desired Government/Public Sector in India
Here you have some reasons and benefits.

Reduces Efforts

shrinking the job application process

The SRPK  reduces the efforts done by the user to fill the job applications for the public sector jobs. SRPK extensively facilitates the users by shrinking the job application process by bringing it few centimeters away from the applicant.

Reduces Time Consumption

fill the forms easily with SRPK Card

As we know that government exam preparation needs time and concentration. So, this portal saves a lot of time, that was earlier wasted on filling the forms, visiting banks and post offices etc. This service gives the provision of SRPK card, that facilitates the user to fill the forms easily within negligible time period.

Wider Approach

All the jobs available on just one click

Earlier people had to surf internet, look into the newspapers, Employment News & journals in search of new govt. job vacancies but now with the help of SRPK, numerous jobs are available to the users on just one click under one roof.

Broaden The Scope

Jobs available all over India

SRPK portal broadens the scope of jobs. The users can see the applicable jobs in other states also, about which they are not aware of. With the availability of SRPK, the job applicants can check the vacancies in different states and apply for them without any trouble.

Clubbed information

Track the status of all the jobs in one panel

SRPK provides the information about upcoming and currently available jobs on its website as a complete package. The user does not need to switch to different websites to search for jobs and to collect information about applying those jobs. User can track the status of all the jobs in one panel.

24X7 Access

apply the job as per your availability

Through this website, user can check the jobs, fill the registration forms and pay the fees even during midnight. Whereas, earlier applicants had to stand in queues at the post offices and banks, has to wait on employer websites during rush.

SRPK - An easiest way to get the Government Job in India

It all starts with Registering your profile 24X7 LIVE SUPPORT

Figures and Facts

3.5M+ Registered User
2K+ Available Govt. Jobs
70K+ Available Vacancies
160K+ Shortlised
1.3K+ Jobs Expiring Soon
122K+ Jobs Processed
300K+ Resolved Support Ticket
16K+ Cases Under Process

SRPK - An easiest way to get the Government Job in India

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