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India Railways Undertakes Largest Recruitment Drive of World

11 Aug 2018       8750

The Indian Railways has begun its world’s largest recruitment drive to fill up nearly 120,000 vacancies for which a whopping 24 million people have applied. Read more...


Careers In Tourism Industry

06 Aug 2018       6958

In recent years, Travel and Tourism has become one of the largest service industries in India. Read more...


Career In Advertising

21 Jul 2018       9326

One of the few careers where the taste of freshness can be felt every day is the advertising industry. Read more...


Guide To A Promising Career In Yoga

10 Jul 2018       8630

The history of Yoga, as an ancient divine practice and considered to be evolved during the Pre-Vedic period of circa 3000 B.C, is a science which is practised to attain what we may call the harmony between mind and soul and divine enlightenment. Read more...


Career As A Water Science Policy Professional

29 Jun 2018       8904

Water is an essential element of life as well as the ecosystem, we live in. Without it, life cannot be imagined on this earth. Read more...


Options In Medical Education Apart From MBBS & BDS

18 Jun 2018       7573

After passing of 12th Examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects, students and their parents think that MBBS and BDS are the only options ahead for career prospects in the field of medicine. But all students cannot get through the entrance exams because of limited number of seats available in the courses. Read more...


How To Clear UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam

08 Jun 2018       10043

IAS aspirants often go through interviews and articles of various toppers about their strategies for the UPSC Civil Services Exam but the mantra of the exam is to always build your own strategy. Read more...


Banking - A Career To Bank Upon

29 May 2018       2576

Banks are the backbone of a country's economy. Banking has emerged as one of the most preferred career options among the young generation today. Read more...


Career Opportunities In Commerce Stream

20 May 2018       5162

Many of the Management topics were covered under study of Commerce in our country. Commerce has been a popular stream of education in the country and in many ways is the first among professional courses available. Read more...


Career In Foreign Languages

15 May 2018       5738

It is said that language is the soul of human being. It is also the most natural means of communicating and expressing what we feel so earnestly about. Read more...


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