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Clearing Central Teacher Eligibility Test

20 Nov 2018       5651

Teachers play a vital role in nation building. They are the basic source of knowledge for most of the citizens of a country. Their job is not limited to make children literate only but also to give them words of wisdom. They shape up the personality of students and tap their potential to the fullest. There is a famous saying, "Teaching is a profession that creates all other professions". Read more...


Career In Horticulture For Greener Future

12 Nov 2018       3616

Horticulture is an intensive subset of agriculture that deals with flowers, landscape plants, vegetables, and fruits. Horticulture is socially important because it improves how we use plants, for food and other human purposes, as well as repairing the environment and personal aesthetics. Read more...


Career In Disability Rehabilitation & Special Education

04 Nov 2018       9683

There are multiple subjects and disciplines of study with their own distinct features. Each one of these subjects has some association with human beings. Read more...


Career In Data Science

28 Oct 2018       9944

Data is everywhere. In fact, the amount of digital data that exists is growing at a rapid rate, and changing the way we live. This is a field that didn't even exist 20 years back. Read more...


Career Opportunities In Reserve Bank Of India

09 Oct 2018       7396

Banks are the most sought after financial service providers everywhere in the world. In a developing country like India where literacy is low and financial literacy still lower, banks are playing a crucial role in mobilizing the savings of common public and offering credit to needy people. Read more...


Careers In Psychology

02 Oct 2018       8097

Psychology is considered to be a subject under humanities. It delves into human minds to find out how people think and behave and how they grow emotionally and socially. Read more...


Career In Cyber Security

24 Sep 2018       6298

The two- letter word ‘Digital India’ is rightly construed as the ongoing revolution to ensure that public services are made available to every citizen electronically by making the country empowered with cutting-edge digital technology. Read more...


IBPS PO Examination

11 Sep 2018       4898

The online application form for the IBPS PO Exam has been closed on September 4, 2018. Read more...


Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Recruitment - 2018

07 Sep 2018       2756

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is one of the largest staff recruiting Government Organization in India. Read more...


Strategy To Clear UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam

25 Aug 2018       7600

I came from middle class background with my father as farmer and mother as government school teacher. I have seen the difference of schools in which I studied and in which my mother use to teach. Read more...


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