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Higher Education Opportunities At Indian Institute Of Technology

24 Oct 2020       5911

Taking note of the term Technology in the name of IITs, it is easy to conclude that these institutes are meant to offer courses only in technology. The fact is, the courses offered at IITs, are extensive and go beyond the standard disciplines of engineering and technology.


Civil Services Mains Exam: Need For a Robust Strategy

20 Oct 2020       2134

On the nature of Civil Services exam , one can safely say that while preliminary exam only entitles one to be considered for writing the main exam, the main exam decides both success and rank in the final count. Since bulk of marks are accounted for by the mains papers, it is bound to be this way.


Employment Opportunities in Agriculture and Allied Sectors

10 Oct 2020       7511

The farm sector in India is going through a rapid transformation due to applications of crop science and technology, a host of policy reforms, and expansion of agribusiness opportunities.


Define Your Interests To Make Better Career Choices

04 Oct 2020       2263

All young people are concerned about their future and much of their worry is centered on job and career. The most obvious thing about future is that it is uncertain. We've not seen it, we can only think about it. However with proper planning and preparations, we can minimize risks and create a better future for us. This is something every one of us should do.


Career Opportunities in Chartered Accountancy

26 Sep 2020       3784

Education has a wide base and there are a large number of subjects to choose from. When it comes to higher education or area of study at higher level, your choice becomes more significant .In most of the cases this choice determines the career avenues or vocations open to you.


Tips for appearing in NEET & JEE

29 Aug 2020       4762

Oh! At last after a long wait examination dates for The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) / Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is announced.


Civil Services Examination in Corona Times need for a sound strategy

08 Aug 2020       8540

For the first time since inception, the prestigious Civil Services Examination (CSE) has been postponed. The preliminary examination was originally fixed to be held on May 31, 2020 but has been now rescheduled to October 04, 2020.


Women officers in Indian Army

15 Aug 2020       9904

Career as an Officer in Indian Army is not only challenging and adventurous for young women but also it conditions them to be exceptional leaders capable of handling large teams at a very young age. Read more...


Emerging Technologies offer new career opportunities

22 Aug 2020       5299

When the internet was invented, nobody thought that it would grow in the size that we see today. Many technologies that had humble beginnings have proved immensely useful for the world and its people. The internet has led to many applications, though initially it came as World Wide Web to connect all computers of the world to share information, pictures etc.


Clinical Psychology : Career Path, Job Prospects

01 Aug 2020       1405

Psychotic disorders are a group of illnesses that affect the human mind. These illnesses alter a person's ability to think clearly, make good judgments, respond emotionally, communicate effectively, understand reality and behave appropriately.


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