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'सरकारी-रोजगार' प्रोत्साहन केन्द्र
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Why Public Sector Jobs are better?

31-03-2015 05:14:28       483       SRPK Updates

For most middle class Indians, there has been one perpetual dilemma – whether to go for a private sector job or the government sector job. In last couple of decades private sector jobs came in vogue, before which Government job was the ultimate prize for a job seeker. Although the government jobs have often been seen as the one with relatively lesser monetary benefits but with the advent of 6th pay commission, the scenario has changed for good. Earlier, Indians were more inclined towards the private sector jobs, but now, the belief in public sector’s jobs even by the young generation is increasing.

better government jobs public sector

Why Government Jobs are Important in India?

30-03-2015 19:31:24       1454       SRPK Updates

A growing trend has been seen in recent years that more and more people are opting for government jobs. The main reason behind this is that government jobs secure the people's life in India . Besides the salary factor, there are pension and other benefits and most importantly job security that make Government jobs in India more and more popular. Read more...

government job important india why

Starting a Business in India:10 Profitable Opportunities

25-01-2015 10:27:10       5668       SRPK Updates

Are you interested in doing business in India? Do you want to start a business in India? Do you want to know the best business opportunities in India? If yes, then below are the top 10 best, unique and innovative small scale business ideas in India with low investment.

business india profit

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