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10 Years Age Relaxation in Central Government Jobs for Disabled People

14-07-2015 19:35:08       7863       SRPK Updates

In a big relief to people with physical disabilities, the central government has announced to allow a relaxation of 10 years in age for the visually-challenged, hearing-impaired and persons suffering from locomotor disability or cerebral palsy in case of direct recruitment to all central government posts but not in the civil services. Read more...

central Disabled government relaxation

10 Advantages Of Government Jobs Over Private Sector Jobs

13-07-2015 19:07:22       4663       SRPK Updates

Lets discuss some facts about Government Jobs including Job Security ,Pay Structure, Working Hours, Promotions, Benefits & Perks, Work Stress, Facilities, Inevitable salary increment, More holidays and more important, Respect Read more...

advantages benifits government jobs private sector

Career in Public Sector Banks

06-07-2015 08:20:32       9076       SRPK Updates

Banks are considered the backbone of a country’s economy. Its more true for a developing country like India. Indian Banking system is very strong. In the global financial turmoil that happened sometime ago, our country was least affected because of soundness of Indian Banking and Financial system. In fact many countries of the world are trying to learn lessons from our disciplined system of Banking. Read more...

bank public sector

IBPS changes exam pattern for IBPS PO and Clerical Exams

11-04-2015 06:26:00       1361       SRPK Updates

As most of you are aware that , IBPS has made a change in the recruitment process of Probationary Officers and Clerical Cadres from 2015 onwards. With reference to these changes, many posts and queries can be seen throughout the web. Why IBPS has changed the pattern of its main recruitment exams ( i.e IBPS Clerk and IBPS PO)? What are the implications for these changes on an individual's preparation? Read more...

ibps levels pattern change

Public Sector jobs in India - An immensely safe and serviceable career

11-04-2015 04:01:18       574       SRPK Updates

More than 18 million people are employed in government sector and for millions of degree and diploma holders, it is a ticket to financial security, job security and social status. Only one in 10,000 candidates manage to pass Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination, but still thousands and thousands of them choose to appear for such exams to get that dream job which brings with it future security and fortune for them. Read more...

beneficial career public sector jobs secure

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