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Why SRPK and how it Works ?

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Every year Government of India announces a number of recruitment notifications in public sector as well as in Govt. Organizations. So, an individual looking for a good career has to search the Govt. job notifications in newspapers, web, and journals or directly on the employer’s website. But applicants face number of obstacles while searching and applying for these jobs. The First question which comes in mind is, Where are Government Jobs? or How to search from all over India? So, it is tough to search suitable Government Job according to qualification and profile. In almost all cases, candidates having good qualification, skill and even good work Experience don’t have time to apply Government Jobs due to many factors. Read more...


Now, SRPK is at your doorstep, pay Activation Fee on receipt of SRPK Card at your home.

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The value payable system is designed to meet the requirements of persons who wish to pay Activation Fee for SRPK Account sent to them at the time of receipt of the SRPK Card at their home. Read more...


Track your SRPK Card

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You can track your SRPK Card delivery details with tracking ID provided by SMS and Email. Complete detail: Read more...


List of Important Abbreviations to use SRPK Panel to get Government Job

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An Abbreviation is a shortened form of a Word or Phrase. It consists of the Initial Letters or Parts of Words. Read more...


SRPK Card and Account Activation Fee

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Users have to pay Account Activation Fee (Which is 100% Cashback) to Activate SRPK Card for 1 Year or more along with Application Fee (One Time Fee, includes Card Manufacturing, Processing and Shipping Charges). Users can add Trial balance along with activation fee to avail additional benefits. Complete details regarding SRPK Card and Account Activation Fee are given below. Read more...


SRPK - An easiest way to get the Government Job in India

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