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Government Job Book: Public Sector - Job Opportunities (Job Opportunities in Government Sector of India)

India's very first and only Initiative of its kind by SRPK which is devoted to guide the individuals for getting Government Job in India and introducing a first ever Book of 436 Pages having information on all the Govt Job Availability including Eligibility, Late Dates, Trends, Applying Process and all essential information which will help the candidates to choose the right path to secure their career.

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Paperback: 436 pages
Language: English

ISBN-978-8194201113, Approved by RRRNA, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resourse Develpment, Govt. of India.

About this Book:

In today's era, job seekers keep looks for an efficient way to explore the career opportunities and if the question is about government jobs then this matter becomes even more concerned. Because Government sector in India is always being the very first choice for employment and career. The reason is the luxury, reputation, job security and high salary of these jobs. This book is a complete developed package for job seekers who look their career in the stable government services of India.

This book will allow them to explore all the public sector opportunities announced by Government of India and will help to learn how to navigate the appropriate process for different government job applications. Each chapter in this book pinpoint the complete guidelines for the government jobs in a particular public sector. It is not only a path guide for the job seekers to explore the government jobs but it is also a smart tool that will help them to enhance their career in a broadened way. Time to time Government of India announces different public sector jobs at central and state level including Civil Services, Central and States Public Sector Companies, Banks Autonomous Bodies, Defence Services, Indian Civil Services, Public administration services and other organisations.

So it becomes very difficult for an individual to be aware of about all the jobs and get information about how to explore all those jobs. But with the help of this book it will be very easy for him to be informed about all the jobs possibilities in a single bundle. So in this book the reader will learn to find meaningful government jobs in different public sectors that fit to them, and how to best get there. This book has been prepared in such a way that it will be helpful for both the students and faculty.

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