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Why SRPK and how it Works ?

Every year Government of India announces a number of recruitment notifications in public sector as well as in Govt. Organizations. So, an individual looking for a good career has to search the Govt. job notifications in newspapers, web, and journals or directly on the employer’s website. But applicants face number of obstacles while searching and applying for these jobs. The First question which comes in mind is, Where are Government Jobs? or How to search from all over India? So, it is tough to search suitable Government Job according to qualification and profile. In almost all cases, candidates having good qualification, skill and even good work Experience don’t have time to apply Government Jobs due to many factors.

  • User has to fill either Online or Offline Form for every Government Job. 
    • Most of the candidates get confuse while filling Forms. They need answer for questions like, Whether they are eligible for a particular Job? What is the process of filling the form? candidates need assistance for all this but have no option.
      • First Case: If the Job Application is Online then number of problems arise in front of an applicant.
        • Candidate requires an Internet connection with PC but not with Smartphone. Most of the Government Websites do not allow candidates to use latest browsers and Smartphones, but a typical internet explorer is required.
        • Websites go down due to bulk submissions.
        • How to resize my photo according to specification and format? or Whether to upload signature with blue or black ink?
        • How to Print the submitted form in exact format? or How to adjust it in Single Page? Most imortantly a Laser Printer is also required.
        • Candidates go here and there in search of Internet Cafes, spending lot of money on per Hours Bases, especially in rural areas.
      • Second Case: If the Job Application is Offline then it becomes even tougher to complete the process.
        • User searches for the Offline form in market. Internet becomes a necessity while searching on web, but searching on a search engine results in hundereds of links, after which the authenticity of the form is not guaranteed.
        • In market, only local and common forms are available. If user wants to fill a job application for some other state, it becomes a matter of concern as forms are not readily available 
        • Even after a successful search, applicants face problem in filling the form of some other state for which herculian efforts are required.
        • Every time while applying  for a Job candidate developes Passport Size Photos, photocopies of documents, spending lot of money again on same things. But, with SRPK this is required only once.

  • Finally after spending a full day to fill form, now comes the time to pay the required Govt. fee. Almost every job has some Government Fee depended on the category. 
    • According to a Survey done by SRPK, more then 50% candidates drop the job applying process on this step due to time constraints. Candidates keep on procrastinating this step due to long queues they expect to get at Bank fee counters.
      • First Case: Pay Fee through Bank Challan's or DD's. 
        • Most of the time Demand Draft or Cash Challan are required to pay the fee.
        • Candidate has to take holiday or break from his/her office or scheduled work to pay fee.
        • Candidate has to visit Bank to make DD of a particular amount and also pay the DD making charges.
        • Candidates have to stand in long queues at the Banks.
        • Paying fee through a particular bank is a compulsory in almost all the cases. Sometimes applicants waste lot of time in searching a bank as the same bank's branch is not in their nearby area. 
      • Second Case: Pay Fee Online
        • No Doubt it is an easy process but it is not available with all Jobs only few Government Job applications support this process.
        • Again it requires High speed internet and printer.
        • People not having internet, goes here and there in search of Internet Cafes, spending money and using their Bank/Debit/Credit Card Details on insecure network and PCs
        • Candidates hesitate to use this method on government Sites as sometime the money is transacted from the account but fee is not paid.

  • After spending days in planning to pay fee and finally done, then comes the time to send the Application form to a particular Government Office.
    • Candidates need envelope and other stationary to pack the application form every time whenever applying.
    • Standing and Waiting in Long queues in India Post Office to dispatch the form.
    • Government employers are not supported by any courier service, so candidates have to send it through Registered or Speed Post.
    • After paying Postal Charges, candidate think Everything is Done.
  • Done! No it’s not, Candidates face number of difficulties even after doing all process.
    • Form Rejected due to incomplete details.
    • Candidates come to know from that he/she was not eligible for the job for which so much time and money was spent.
    • Candidates have to Track the status of application online on India Post's website whether the application is received by department or not.
    • If Candidate has applied 5 Jobs then he/she has to check the details again and again on different websites and with different tracking IDs.
  • Then what to do and where to Contact?
    • Candidates most of the time have no option to contact any Government Department for assistance regarding Applied Job.
  • How to know about available Government Job? How many have been applied this month?
    • A dedicated candidate can search only 5-6 Govt. jobs and can apply for the same number in a month. 
    • Applicants donot have time but they definetely want a secure Job.
    • As the Applicants go through the same hectic process they loose concentration and will in applying for the Govt. jobs.
  • So SRPK is here to reduce these mountaneous obstacles to ZERO.
    • No need to search the Government Job, SRPK Recommends you each and every available Government Job according to your profile in SRPK Panel and send SMS for offline users who don’t have internet.
    • If someone wants to search the Job in a different Field, SRPK provide numerous options to find the Government Jobs like Recent Jobs, Featured Jobs, Last Chance with Late Fees, Department Wise, State Wise etc.
    • No need to fill any form, No need to make DD, No need to develop your snaps again and again, No need of Internet, No need of Printer, No need to Stand in Long queues, No need to go to Post Office or Banks, No need to send anything to anywhere, no need to spend extra money and the most important No need to waste TIME. Just Click a Single button to apply the Job or Apply Job on Call, even while travelling or attending functions.
    • User may apply One or any Number of Government Jobs with a Single Click, even at midnight or at anytime from anywhere.
    • Before Applying the Job, Candidate may take any assistance regarding any government Job on SRPK Help Desk Panel or By Phone Call.
    • If User mistakenly Applied any Wrong Job, SRPK Representative will contact the user to cancel the Job and If User changes his/her mind and want to cancel any applied Job, he/she can do this within specific time period. Full payment or amount will be refunded back to user.
    • User can track each and every applied Job though SRPK Panel or SMS under single roof.
    • For each applied job, the users earn reward points and hence, can redeem those points against the wide range of gifts.
    • The user is free to access the account from anywhere and can use it on any browser, operating system and devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • To Avail This All
    • User has to get registered with SRPK either through Offline Application Form or Online by paying SRPK Application and Activation fee.
    • Then SRPK will Issue a SRPK CARD to user and send the same to user Address through INDIA POST, which is mandatory to avail the SRPK Services. Card has a 16 Digit Unique Identity for Public Sector Employment, User can activate his account with SRPK card and can get exclusive benefits.
    • User may use the VP Facility instead of Online Payment, DD or Cheque or POS,  The Postman from your nearer Post Office will deliver SRPK Card at your home, Pay Activation fee to Postman at the time of Receipt.
    • SRPK Card includes Trail Balance (optional) which will be used to apply the Government Jobs. It helps you to learn the SRPK Job Applying process.
    • SRPK provides 100% Cashback (Activation Fee minus Trail Balance) to get Rebate in Convenience Fee while applying Government jobs on SRPK.
    • User can recharge the SRPK Card Wallet to apply the Government Job in easy manner, which is a fully refundable amount, user can withdraw it anytime.
    • SRPK will Charge the user, Government Fee and Convenience Fee for every Applied Job. The payment will be deducted from SRPK Trail Balance or any Payment Method that user has used.

SRPK - An easiest way to get the Government Job in India

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