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About Us

SRPK is India's one and only first ever online service of its kind. The objective of this program is to help individuals to find and apply the jobs they are seeking in the public sector and Govt. Organizations. With the help of this program users do not need to surf the internet to search the jobs on various websites or in the newspapers . SRPK reduces the efforts of the users to search for a particular job and makes the job search process efficient. SRPK has reduced the tiresome efforts made by individuals, to find and apply for the public sector jobs.


1. User Friendly Panel: The panel is user friendly which means that the operator needs to provide minimal input to achieve the desired output, and also that the machine minimizes undesired outputs to the human. Moreover, the portal is GUI(Graphical User Interface) based, which has made it easier for the users to adapt the website’s layout.
2. Compatibility: The portal is compatible with all types of machines. The user can use it on all types of devices such as desktops, mobiles and tablets etc.
3. Portability: The user is free to access the account from any part of India and can use it on any browser and device.
4. User Registration & Activation: The user needs to enter his account details and register to our website. The account needs to be activated once through the SRPK card. The activation involves the 16 digit voucher number and the secret code for activation, then the user can enjoy his subscription to our portal.
5. Notifications: SRPK delivers updates regarding the jobs during the recruitment process through emails and SMS. Through the user’s subscription to SRPK, he will be notified with all the activities happening on the website.  The notifications & messages regarding newly added jobs, jobs expiring soon, order confirmation and order tracking etc, will be sent to the user.
6. Cash Back Facility: SRPK provides the cash back facility to its registered users on cancellation of any applied job, within specified time period. If a user cancels the applied job within the time limit to cancel it, he gets his payment back to his Cash Back Account.
7. User Support: The user support is provided by SRPK in many ways :
1. User can discuss any query by generating tickets from the HelpDesk menu.
2. The user’s documents and credentials are available in his account to be used for different job applications.
8. Search Component: The user can search any information about the jobs (he/she is applicable for) through this component.
9. Filtrations: The search component has been made more satisfactory by putting filtrations. The user has various ways to see the different job information. The various menus are:
  • Recent Jobs: Recently Uploaded jobs
  • Expiring Jobs: The jobs going to expire soon
  • Last Chance Jobs: The jobs having the last chance to be filled with late fees.
  • Recommended Jobs: The jobs recommended to the user according to his qualification and account information.
  • Featured Jobs: These are the jobs having the highest priority among the list of jobs and which need to be filled by maximum applicants. For E.g.: Civil Service Jobs, Jobs by FCI, RBI etc.
10. Payment Tools: SRPK offers different and secure payment methods which assure that the users’ transactions are secure and confidential. Users can use Internet Banking, RTGS, Cash or Cheque, Demand Draft, SRPK Cash Card or Mobile Payment.
11. Cash Card Facility: The portal provides SRPK Cash Card facility to make payments while filling the job forms. Once the card has been recharged, the users can avail the cash card facilities.
12. Security: The users’ transaction and account information is maintained under security norms and trusted gateway partners.
13. Confidentiality: The users’ personal information and various other documents are kept confidential and secured.
14. Rewards & Gifts: The SRPK users have been provided additional benefit of Reward points. For each applied job, the users earn reward points and hence, can redeem those points against the wide range of products from Gift Vouchers to Electrical appliances, Accessories to Life Style Products etc. For e.g.: If you have 1000 reward points, you have availed the facility to buy the products upto 1000 points.
15. Job Cancellation: User can cancel any applied job within the specific time period.


1. Reduces Efforts: The SRPK has reduced the efforts done by the user to fill the job applications for the public sector jobs. SRPK has extensively facilitated the users by shrinking the job application process by bringing it few centimeters away from the applicant.
2. Reduces Time Consumption: As we know that government exam preparation needs time and concentration. So, this portal has saved a lot of time, that was earlier wasted on filling the forms, visiting banks and post offices etc. This service has given the provision of SRPK card, that facilitates the user to fill the forms easily within negligible time period.
3. Efficiency: SRPK comprises expert teams working at different service areas. Moreover, the applicant can directly contact the Help Desk to fill his/her forms in case of any problems in filling the forms.
4. Wider Approach: Earlier people had to surf internet, look into the newspapers & journals in search of new job vacancies but now with the help of SRPK, numerous jobs are available to the users on just one click.
5. Ease due to Filtration: The different categories and menus filter the jobs in accordance with the need of the subscriber. Furthermore, A number of filter tools have been used from the development end to make the search efficient.
6. 24X7 Access: Through this website, user can check the jobs, fill the registration forms and pay the fees even during midnight. Whereas, earlier applicants had to stand in queues at the post offices and banks.
7. Broaden the Scope: The scope of the jobs has broadened with the provision of SRPK portal. The users can see the applicable jobs in other states also, about which they were not aware of. With the availability of SRPK, the job applicants can check the vacancies in different states and apply for them without any trouble.
8. Confidentiality: SRPK assures the confidentiality of the information & documents provided by the applicants. The users’ detail will only be shared with the government employer/organization in accordance with job application being filled.
9. Document Storage: The user needs to upload his documents once on the SRPK website i.e. www.srpk.in and can use the documents directly from it. No multiple uploads, scans and photocopies are needed. In addition to this, the Help Desk can be contacted in case of modification in documents to be uploaded for any particular job form.
10. Easy payment modes: The filling of application manually is a bit tedious process due to different modes of payment which involve standing in the rows for paying the fees, making Demand Drafts, obtaining payment slips and preserving them as proofs (in case of emergency/problem). In SRPK the payment information is stored in the table and the applicant can check it any time with ease. Apart from this, SRPK card facilitates the user to make payment without any such trouble.
11. Clubbed information: SRPK has provided the information about upcoming and currently available jobs on www.srpk.in website as a complete package. The user does not need to switch to different websites to search jobs and collect information about them.

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