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SRPK Part-Time Work/Job from Home Online Initiative to help candidates during CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) LOCK DOWN
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What is the Vision and Mission of SRPK ?

We at SRPK visualize India as a young nation in which we want to introduce all the deserving candidates residing in every nook and corner of India to the opportunity of availing the public employment in desired departments.

India with having more than 50% of its population under working age group is not able to reap the benefit of its demographic dividend. The grim reality behind this loss is the non- acquaintance of the right jobs and opportunities to the right people at the right time.

Mission of SRPK is to provide information to the youth about the newly advertised govt. sector jobs and further assisting them in filling those jobs by processing the applications on behalf of the applicants. Saving time of the applicants by providing our fast and reliable service is the goal of SRPK. We also provide options for economically humble applicants of earning money and filling govt. exams with that self earned money of the users.

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SRPK - An easiest way to get the Government Job in India

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