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What is Convenience Fee and Direct Mode ?

Convenience Fee is the fees charged by SRPK to fill job application form on behalf of the user. If a user finds a suitable job for himself/herself and is willing to fill the job application form, then SRPK fulfills all the formalities and it charges a much reasonable convenience fee which ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 400. Convenience fee includes those charges which applicants otherwise also pay for fulfilling requirement of the employers.
The convenience Charges list(applicable based on need) is as given below:
  • Job Processing Charges
  • Photo Development Charges
  • Bank Charges
  • Document storage Charges
  • Photocopy Charges
  • Printout Charges
  • Photo Editing Charges
  • Signature Editing Charges
  • Debit/Credit Card Transaction Charges
  • Postage Charges
  • Envelope Charges
  • Stamp Charges
  • Notary Charges
  • Stationary Charges
  • Packing Charges
  • DD Charges
  • Bank Chalan Charges
  • Form Verification Charges
  • Attestation Charges
  • 2% Online Transaction Charges
  • Transportation Charges
  • Job Cancellation Security
  • Duplicate Payment Safety
  • Call Me Facility
  • Alerts
  • Time Saving

There is a 'Direct Mode' option as well in which user is shown the Govt. Job employer’s link and user can undergo the lengthy process of filling job application by himself/herself.

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