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FREE Account Activation with LIFE-TIME Validity
Exclusively on 7 Years of SRPK
Only SRPK PVC Card manufacturing & Shipping Charge of Rs. 245 + GST is applicable. (Limited Time Offer)

SRPK Card and Account Activation Fee

Users have to pay Account Activation Fee (Which is 100% Cashback) to Activate SRPK Card for 1 Year or more along with Application Fee (One Time Fee, includes Card Manufacturing, Processing and Shipping Charges). Users can add Trial balance along with activation fee to avail additional benefits. Complete details regarding SRPK Card and Account Activation Fee are given below.

As per the guidelines due to financial challenges during COVID-19 SRPK Offers SRPK Card with 1 Year Account Activation is now revised to Rs. 340 (Including 18% GST)
Following Application and Activation Fee will be applicable after offer ends.

Application Fee: (One Time) (In Rupees)
SRPK Card Manufacturing, Printing and Processing  Charges 150.00 
OR SRPK Virtual Online Card FREE 
Activation/Application Fee: (100% Cashback) (One Time) (In Rupees)
- Students (Male/Female) 690.00
- Employee / Working (Male/Female) 1060.00
- Female - Unemployed / Not Working 690.00
- Male - Unemployed / Not Working 780.00
- Special Case (PWD/Handicap/War Widow...) 470.00

This is One Time Activation Fee helps to run SRPK platform which includes
  • SRPK Account Activation
  • Authentic and Approved Govt. Job Search
  • Apply any Govt. Job with single click
  • Apply Govt Job even after last date*
  • Apply Job on Call Facility
  • Document Storage
  • 100% Govt. Fee Refund on Job Cancellation
  • Call Back Facility
  • Multiple Job Applying Facility
  • EMI Facility to Apply Multiple Job and Recharge
  • DD/Challan, Form Filling, Shipping, Photo Printing
  • Zero Downtime
  • Service at your doorstep
  • No Third-Party Ad contents
  • Reward and Gifts
  • Wallet for Instant and safe Payments
  • 10% Additional Benefit on every Recharge
  • Ticket Support System
We encourage users to pay Online/Digitally to Support Cashless India and SAVE Rs.25 (India-Post MO Fee) + Free Recharge of Rs.150 + 2000 Reward points
You are also eligible to win awards under Govt. Lucky Grahak Yojana announced by NITI -National Institution for Transforming, Government of India by paying ONLINE
Additional Validity Benefit (OPTIONAL): (For All categories) Validity defines the Account activation period and eligibility to get 10% additional Benefit on every Recharge
For 1 Year 0.00
For 2 Years (SAVE 25%) 250.00
For 3 Years (SAVE 40%) 400.00
For Life Time* 1050.00
Trial Balance: (OPTIONAL Recharge Benefit)  The Trial amount will be added to your SRPK Card with additional Limited Time Benefit as a recharge which can be use to apply any Government Job instantly without paying for any DD, Post, Challan or Government fees. It helps you to learn the SRPK Job Applying process.This Benefit is only applicable at the time of activation. (TAX NOT APPLICABLE)
Get Recharge of Rs. 100 (Included) 0.00
Get Recharge of Rs. 200 (SAVE Rs. 110) 90.00
Get Recharge of Rs. 500 (SAVE Rs. 210) 290.00
Get Recharge of Rs. 1000 (SAVE Rs. 310) 690.00
Addons: (OPTIONAL) (Per Year)
Latest Govt Job Email and SMS Alerts 150.00
Govt. Job Assistance and Job Recommendation 500.00
SRPK Part-Time Earning Programme (Refundable) 1000.00
Job Outside India (Employment Visas) 1500.00
SRPK Card Recharge: (After Activation to Apply any Govt. Job) with 10% Additional Benefit (EMI Facility is also Available) (TAX NOT APPLICABLE)
Get Recharge of Rs. 550 500
Get Recharge of Rs. 1100 1000
Get Recharge of Rs. 2200 2000
Get Recharge of Rs. 3850 3500
Get Recharge of Rs. 5500 5000
Get Recharge of Rs. 11000 (POD not available above Rs. 5000 ) 10000
Renewal or Re-Activation Charges:  
For 1 Year 550
For 2 Years 800
For 3 Years 950
For Life Time* 1600

*GST w.e.f 01-Jul-2017 = 18%

Category I : For Students (Male/Female)

This category is for Students who are still pursuing an academic education.
For Online Users: Students have to upload their Student Identity Card in the Document Section of SRPK Website Panel.

Category II: For Employees (Male/Female)

This category is for users who are already working in Private or Public Sector and their work experience can be used in future to get the Government Job or to fulfill the requirement of any applied Government Job.

Category III: For Unemployed Persons (Male/Female)

This category is for persons who are unemployed or not earning any money, but have completed their education and are searching for Government Job. By selecting this category user can never show his work experience in future. This category is strictly for the people who are fresher or not working.

Category IV: For Special Case

This category includes people who are Physically Challenged, War Widows and Freedom Fighter family members.User have to submit the proof of his/her special case to choose this category,

Activation Fee is 100% CASHBACK: 

You have to pay Activation Fee once to ACTIVATE the account and the 100% amount will be added back to your SRPK account immediately as a Cashback after activation. User use this Cashback in future to get rebate on Convenience Fee while applying Government jobs on SRPK. Cashback is not a refund it works as a Discount/Rebate for applying jobs in future.

Additional Validity Benefit:

User can add additional Validity at the time of activation by saving lot of money, User can avail the offer for any category as follows. Validity defines the Account activation period and eligibility to get 10% additional benefit on every Recharge.
*Life Time Validity - Initially system will set the validity upto 5 years, After completion of 5 years system will automatically increase the validity according to your account usage.

Trial Balance: (GST is not Applicable) 

User can avail the Trial balance benefit on the SRPK Card with big saving. For example, if user pays Rs. 499 along with SRPK Activation Fee then user will get Rs. 1000 in his/her SRPK Card Account as Trial Balance, Which can be used to apply any Government Job without paying for any DD, Post or Government fees. It helps you to learn the SRPK Job Applying process.

User can avail this benefit only once at the time of activation of account.

NOTE Regarding Benefit Validity: Suppose, you are choosing Rs.499 Plan and you will get Rs.1000 with 100% Saving, after 3 months if you will not use the Trial balance to apply any Job then Rs. 501 will be deducted from your Card. You have right to use rest of amount to apply any Job, Users have to apply Atleast One Government Job or Recharge SRPK Card once within 3 month to carry forward this Trial balance benefit with life time validity.

Recharge SRPK Card: (GST is not Applicable)

User can recharge the SRPK Card with 10% Additional Benefit with Life time Validity and 100% Refundable facility.

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