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Why Government Jobs are Important in India?

A growing trend has been seen in recent years that more and more people are opting for government jobs. The main reason behind this is that government jobs secure the people's life in India . Besides the salary factor, there are pension and other benefits and most importantly job security that make Government jobs in India more and more popular.

To get a good job with a good income is the dream of every individual. Every year, the GOI release many job opportunities in various divisions. The government jobs, or in normal hindi terminology, Sarkari Naukri in India is basically divided into two divisions namely:

Central Government Jobs: Central government jobs pertain to departments like central soil conservation department, income tax department, Central Railways, and other departments like judiciary, executive etc.
State Government Jobs: State Government Jobs in India include financial institution, educational institution, banking institution, judiciary, and other departments like Forest and Animal husbandry etc.

Central Government & State Government Jobs Benefits:
The Employee of the Central government get benefits in terms of better emoluments, housing loan facilities, medical facilities, gratuity, bonus & provident fund. The Employee of the state government is governed by different rules and regulations in terms of his pay-scale fixed by the respective departments. Compared to Central Govt., the salaries and the other emoluments are less than Central government.

The main benefits that the employees get in Government jobs are :

    Monthly Basic Salary + Dearness Allowances + House rent
    Gratuity, which means 15 days salary for one year.
    Bonus every year.
    Retirement Benefits, which include provident fund, gratuity, salary arrears, insurance if any etc.

Pension benefits of Central Government & State Government Employees:

1. The employee gets half of his salary as a pension after his retirement.
2. The wife gets the pension if the employee dies. After the employee's death, some pension is also given to the employee's child if the child is handicapped.
3. It has been rightly said that "Government Jobs Are Like Bullet Proof Jacket For A Family" The govt. jobs give proper security and safety to the employee and his family. Loans can be easily availed by govt employees for education, marriages etc.
4. Medical expenses are also provided.

To get a govt job is not so easy. It is based on written test and interview and appropriate qualifications to qualify the job. There are yearly vacancies for banks, railways, universities, colleges etc. for which you need to be fully prepared. From home ministry to planning commission, from Doordarshan to Akashvani, from public sector unit to government led banks, there are lucrative govt jobs in India. Most of Indian citizens opt for the government appointment to have better facilities & better living conditions. The craze of Govt. Jobs in India is still stable, inspite of several multinational companies in the country. These jobs give you the guarantee for whole life. Govt. Jobs in India are known for their reliability and credibility and huge monetary benefits altogether.

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