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'सरकारी-रोजगार' प्रोत्साहन केन्द्र

Role of SRPK in Empowering Women

16-09-2016 05:09:26       1803       SRPK Updates

Emancipation of women, which was started by father of Modern India, Raja Ram Mohan Roy in the early 19th century is still a burning issue. Read more...


Now, Apply any Government Job Free of Cost with SRPK

26-07-2016 02:07:44       10006       SRPK Updates

On very high demand from our users, SRPK introduces the program to advertise SRPK services through SRPK users and is giving them Financial benefits in the form of SRPK Card Recharge and Reward Points to apply government jobs free of cost. Read more...


Now you can Track the SRPK Card Delivery via SMS without using of Internet

12-01-2016 11:53:43       15348       SRPK Updates

When your SRPK Card and Kit will be ready to be dispatched from SRPK Head Office, then the user will receive updated tracking ID in his/her SRPK Panel, under Card History Section and user can track his/her SRPK Card status through SMS on his/her Mobile number. Read more...


What is AJOC (Apply Job on Call) Facility And How it Works ?

08-01-2016 15:14:57       16509       SRPK Updates

User can take number of benefits for applying the government jobs through SRPK. AJOC (Apply Job on Call) facility is one of the most important feature provided by SRPK. If user wants to apply a government job but he/she doesn’t have an internet connection or because of  any other circumstances– travelling or busy schedule. In this case user can use AJOC facility and make a call to SRPK representative from anywhere at anytime. User should provide his/her personal information to SRPK representative like – Name, date of birth, SRPK Card No. and validity date etc. Read more...


Now EMI Option available at SRPK, Apply Government Jobs as maximum as possible without worrying about fee.

21-10-2015 23:10:40       3393       SRPK Updates

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity. Now SRPK offers its Multi Bank EMI option that provides opportunity for your good career. Read more...


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